Friday, June 20, 2008

Inside the Closet: Sam Edelman Gilda Gladiator Sandals

The Sam Edelman Gilda Gladiator Sandals can be purchased here


out shopping in ny - june 17th

In sunglasses, a fedora and a Riller & Fount dress, Rachel Bilson stays stylish Tuesday during a shopping trip to New York City's trendy Meatpacking District, where she hit up shops like Alexander McQueen, Jeffrey and Butik.

Rachel looks really adorable in this ensemble - the pieces are really simple but she adds touches like the fedora and belt to change up the look.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Inside the Closet: Lanvin Platform Gladiator Sandals

At The Whitney Contemporaries' Art Party and Auction Bilson accessorised her Herve Leger look with a feathered Romanek clutch and Lanvin gladiator sandals. You can buy the shoes at Barney's.


The Whitney Contemporaries' Art Party and Auction, 17 June

Rachel attended The Whitney Contemporaries' Art Party and Auction, last night and she looked jaw-dropping stunning! She wore a figure forming Herve Leger dress (along with five hundred other people) but she managed to stand out and look so refreshing. the makeup is sexy and so is her entire look - plus she looks six feet tall even though shes half of that.


I loved what she wore when leaving the party too. A mens blazer over these kinds of dresses looks very chic and french. i love the material and cut of the jacket - looks like its my favourite Bilson outfit of the moment!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

kit kittredge: an american girl movie premiere

Rachel accompanied her adorable little sister Hatty to a movie premiere (it's so cute how she spends her time with her sister and takes her to nice places not like Lindsay Lohan who took out her twelve year old sister to go clubbing...)
i think Rachel looks adorable and simple - she obviously just threw on something at home. shes actually wearing two Chanel bags one inside the other. no idea why, but they're gorgeous bags!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Inside the Closet: Hanii Y Sahara Patchwork Dress

Quick post on Rachel's dress - you can buy it here


Thursday, June 12, 2008

jumper press event: ny

rachel looked stunning (from the little we can see) at a jumper press conference this week. she wore a gorgeous purple silk shirt by Zac Posen, and from other smaller pictures shes wearing studded black shoes and black stockings.
hmm im still not sure about rachel and hayden (our should we call them haychel). He sort of looks like wolverine here... I'm on Team Adam!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inside the Closet: LoveQuotes Scarf in Lagoon

Rachel was seen wearing this LoveQuotes Scarf in Lagoon multiple times - it's the perfect addition to any outfit that needs color. To get the style in other colours click here


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inside the Closet: Monrow Crocodile V Blouse

This Monrow Crocodile V Blouse blouse perfectly accentuates Rachel's figure and the Chanel scarf shows that you can combine different prints, if they are in the same colours.
You can buy the blouse here: revolve clothing


Hit or Miss?

Inside the Closet: Hurley Tonka Dress

A week ago Rachel stepped out in this cute ensemble - who knew that the key piece was under $60? Rachel was wearing the Hurley Tonka dress which is available here
Hit or Miss?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Inside the Closet: Abaeté SS08 Dress

Rachel favours young up-and-coming designers, which gives her that unique look. I remember reading a piece about Abaete a few years ago and wondering if anyone was going to wear the amazing designs - unsurprisingly Rachel Bilson looked amazing in this Abaeté SS08 Dress.


Inside the Closet: Dior Babe Bag

Apart from her Tod's messenger bag Rachel has been rocking the Dior Babe bag quite a few times. I have the bag in purple and let me just say, I would honestly sleep on this if I didn't have a bed - it's that roomy and soft. I love the fact that she actually buys a bag and uses it more than once (I'm talking to you Lindsay Lohan...)


Inside the Closet: Chanel FW 08 LBD

This dress looked very hard to wear and quite unappealing on the runway but Rachel shows her nack for making an outfit with her accesories. The dress is Chanel FW 08 and the shoes are the t-strap Chanels from the same collection.


Inside the Closet: Tod's Softy Messenger Bag

At first glance I really disliked the bag. But I love how Rachel manages to look past the bag by itself and incorporate it into her wardrobe. I love how she mixed it with this long white dress and blazer for a perfect pop of colour


rachel bilson ... what was she wearing?

This is Genevieve from the Inside Ashley's Closet blog! I decided to start one on Rachel Bilson as well because behind the Olsens' this girl is my absolute favourite celebrity in terms of style. She's adorable, and manages to mix together classic pieces with vintage and quirky finds